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Visiting a foodbank

You will be welcomed by volunteers to discuss your needs and prepare your food parcel.

“The volunteers at the foodbank were so lovely, they listened to me and made me feel human again. It was the first place I didn’t feel judged.”

voluteer chatting to client over tea and biscuits

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus we have had to alter how we operate.

NOW: If you are in crisis and need some help with providing food for yourself and/or your families, you will need a voucher as usual but access to vouchers has changed for the time being:

  • If you are already being supported by one of our referral agencies please contact them to request a foodbank referral.
  • Otherwise please contact Citizens Advice by telephone (no office open) 0300 3300 650 by mobile or 0344 477 1171 by landline.
  • They will talk you through the process. You will not need to collect a voucher or visit the foodbank.
  • Your voucher will be passed to the foodbank electronically and, with your permission, your address as well.
  • Foodbank staff will then deliver the required amount of food to your home, leaving the box on your doorstep. This is likely to be on a Friday and deliveries will be only once a week, so you will receive double the amount you’d usually receive in an emergency food parcel.


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